« Making an Artist’s book is aimed at bringing the reader – and the author – to an unknown land, with a freedom that no current edition can afford. Every single element of the book is involved in this task. But whereas choice of format, binding, paper, typography, size and colour variations are all daily concerns. some choices, however, like sectioning the text, inserting or not voids or etchings,, stressing some words, etc. remain unexpected to the author himself . It is through the combination of all these elements that the reader can acquire a totally new vision of a text, or of an etching. Of course, this can be risky: if a text is not solidly constructed and clearly meaningful, it faces the danger of not resisting such treatment. Actually, the stronger the text, the freer I feel to wring it and tear it to pieces, offering it a new life in artist’s book form…I find that my total liberty in text treatment has no real limit, except coherences of meaning, bearing in mind, as a priority, that any technical choice can be made, provided it makes sense. »

« Why Artist’s Books? » Lecture by C. Illouz
at the Steely Library of Northern Kentucky University, 2011



A quiet, poetic statement about the silent disappearance of species.

This unpublished poem by Rob Swigart was set in artist’s book form, with 5 original dry point etchings, with watercolor, in 2023.

  • Edition of 15, on jia xuan paper.
  • Edition of 20, letterpress on vélin d’Arches paper, letterpress by Atelier Auger, France.

The 5 dry point etchings, printed by the artist in Chérence, France, were made after photographs, as no specimen of this animal has been seen since 1989.

All copies are numbered and signed by author and artist.



This artist’s book by CLAIRE ILLOUZ was made in 2022, for the bicentennial celebrations of ERNST THEODOR AMADEUS HOFFMANN (1776 – 1822).

JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARD at the Oxford Fine Press Book fair, 2023.

An edition of five, it is entirely printed on silk, and includes 14 original dry point engravings, with watercolor.

Texts by Hoffmann and engravings were printed and mounted by the artist in Chérence, France. All copies are numbered, I/V – V/V, and signed by the artist.

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Original text and etchings by C. Illouz, printed by the artist in 2021.
Letterpress by Atelier Auger.
Number of etchings : 9.
Edition of 30, on Taiwan Xuan paper. 13. 3/4 x 7 x 3/4 in.
©J.M. Rousvoal



An unpublished poem by Henri DROGUET. Six engravings by C. Illouz. Letterpress: Atelier Auger. Edition of 30, on Johannot paper.
Case in 2 colors. Dimensions: 11. ¾ x 7. ½ in.

Along with chaotic visions of this agitated landscape, a long engraving (74 cm: burin, dry point, rocker) unfolds on this restless poem, enhancing Henri Droguet’s angry, raucous tone.



4 poems by PIERRE DE RONSARD (1524 – 1585), with 6 original etchings by C.Illouz, printed and hand-colored by the artist, on linen rag paper. Letterpress by Atelier Auger. Edition of 30, (Black box, dimensions : 9 x 8. ¼ x ¾ in.)

This book is the insomniac printmaker’s homage to the “Prince of Poets”. For 4 “Brutal Nights”, in the spent mind of a master consumed by insomnia, poetry nonetheless flows, in waves of desperation. The 4 nocturnal poems in French and 5 original hand-colored etchings are printed on linen rag paper, a fleeting evocation of bedclothes of the past.

THEY RUN – 2016

6 etchings and 2 engravings by C. Illouz
Letterpress by V. Auger. Title design by Célia Bugniot.
Edition of 30, on Opal paper.
16. ½ x 6. ¾ x 1. ¼ in.


5 etchings by C. Illouz and 5 sentences by 5 authors (Zhuangzi, Wittgenstein, Thoreau, Sena, Valéry).
Letterpress by V. Auger.
Edition of 30, on Moulin de la Roque paper.
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10 long etchings, all unique, to read : a tempest- shaken landscape.
Printed on, and mounted with, Chinese paper. 9. ¼ x 5. ¾ x 0,6 in.

Sur papier chine : 10 exemplaires (épuisé)
Sur soie : 10 exemplaires (épuisé)


3 poems by EMILY DICKINSON, with 6 etchings and 3 embossings by C. Illouz, set and printed in Chérence, France. Letterpress by Monique Roncerel and Vincent Auger. Edition of 30, on BFK Rives paper. Box : 5. ¾ x 7. ¾ x 1. ½ in.
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32 poems by HENRY PILLSBURY.
Letterpress by Atelier Vincent Auger.
– Current edition of 200, on Olin paper, with 4 linocuts by C. Illouz.
– Bibliophile edition of 30, on BFK paper, with 4 etchings by C.Illouz.
12. ½ x 5. ¾ x 1. ¼ in.
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Text by PASCAL RIOU (born 1954), 2 etchings and 1 smoke drawing by C. Illouz
Letterpress by Vincent Auger. Edition of 35, on BFK paper. Grey case.
Dim.: 8. ¾ x 5. ¼ x ¾ in.
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PLACE – 2012 (out of print)

Original text by JOEL-CLAUDE MEFFRE, after 3 unique etchings, printed on silk, by C.Illouz.
Lertterpress by Vincent Auger, Paris. Edition of 22, on Rives and on silk. Marbled cover.
Box: 13. ¼ x 8. ½ x 1 in. (out of print)
In 2013, LIEU was granted the Jean Lurçat award by the French Fine Arts Academy.


THE WAYFARER – 2011 (out of print)

Poem by STEPHEN CRANE. 6 etchings by C. Illouz.
Letterpress by Michael Caine. Edition of 35, on BFK Rives paper.Marbled case.
Dim. 5. ½ x 7 in. (out of print)
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A poem by William Butler YEATS (1865 x 1939)
6 etchings by C. Illouz. Letterpress by Sergent Fulbert.
Edition of 30, on BFK paper. Edition of 5, on Japon nacré paper.
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Poem by EUGENE JOLAS (1893-1952)
4 colour etchings by CLAIRE ILLOUZ.
Embossed cover, and text printed in letterpress, by Sergent Fulbert.
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A print to read (length : 138 ½ in.) A series of 10 engraved variations, printed on silk. Marbled box. (dimensions : 16 ¼ x 7 x 1 in.) Click here to shoot a few pages
Click to watch a 8mn video of this book

THE WHITENESS – 2008 (out of print)

An excerpt from Moby Dick,by Herman MELVILLE
2 original double-page etchings(1 in color), and 3 original embossed prints,by Claire Illouz.
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A DIARY OF WEEDS – 2008 (out of print)

A dry point print to be read (length : 134,5 inch.), by C. Illouz. Edition of 10, on Chinese Xuan paper. Case colour : Black. Dimensions : 9 x 4,2 x 0,78 inch. Edition of 10, on Chinese Xuan paper.
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STORMY WEATHER FOR BOOKS – 2008 (out of print)

A pocket edition of several sepia etchings to read. A nightmare, about rain and water damage on books. Edition of 15, on Amalfi paper. Marbled cover. 6.3/4 x 4.3/4 in.
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Two poems by Paolo Leminski and João Cabral de Melo Neto. Bilingual Edition (Portuguese- French). One print and one bas-relief by Frida Baranek, two prints by Claire Illouz.
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POEMS Paul Huin (1902-1944)

30 poems by PAUL HUIN (1902-1944)
with 1 fac simile of unpublished drawing by Max Jacob, and 2 etchings by C. Illouz.
Edition of 21, on BFK paper. Dim: 13 x 10.24 in.

THE RIVER BIEVRE by Joris Karl Huysmans – 2005

Bilingual edition (French – English). Original translation by Rob Swigart and Danielle Trudeau. Edition of 55. Black case. Dimensions: 10.83 x 7.10 x 0.8 inch.
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Editions de l’Ariane. Five poems by Tita Reut, written after 5 etchings by C. Illouz. Edition of 50, on BFK paper. Linen covered case. Dim.: 13 x 10.24 inches
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ROADSIDE TOKENS – 2004 (out of print)

Edition of 5, on Arches paper. Edition of 10, on Japanese Torinoko paper. Dim: 3.94 x 3. 40 inches
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ZESTS, culinary thoughts – 2004

Texts by Eric Guérin, Chef at La mare aux oiseaux, a star restaurant in St Joachim (France), with 6 colour etchings and prints by Claire Illouz. Edition of 50, on BFK paper. Monotyped case. Dim: 13.79 x 10. 63 inches.
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An angry meditation over the natural tangle of things. 6 etchings with text by Claire Illouz. Edition of 30, on Lana paper. Printed envelope. Dim: 10.63 x 6.30 inch
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Variation gravée sur la lettre H, à l’écoute des soupirs du sol de la ville.
Gravure, marbrure, pochoir et empreintes. 14 exemplaires uniques sur BFK.
Etui : 26 x 18 x 2 cm


Quotations by Vera Linhartova, with eight etchings by C. I. two in colour. Edition of 50, on Lana Paper.Case colour: black. Dimensions: 8.27 x 7.88 inches
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TUM – 1999 (out of print)

Texte érotique traduit du chinois en latin par Robert Van Gulik ; avec huit gravures de Claire Illouz. Dim. : 24,5 x 17,5 x 1,5 cm. Tirage sur Johannot : 30 exemplaires sous étui soie.

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